once we now sit down, in my home all alone
I tied a train and I’m out of cash, how bringing agitated
nothing, I’m watching TV, I’m bored and I fucking hate it
I gotta be up to something, anything, some to play with
I cleaned up a little, the table, plus I do with the dishes
like she was entertained, and I’m still restless, and I’m getting vicious
suddenly I happened, if I went to my bookshelf
almost knocked it over, then a hard hit on my head was the last I felt
I ended up in Toonland, and the last event
is that a box of comic books fell down on my head by accident
I found myself lost in a world of animation
then a dimension of creatures running ‘round like mental patients
then I took of a ran for like 500 miles an hour
through the channel around circle
like climbs on a circus on purpose
I headed to a wall, put my speed again, I’m in sane
ride into and left the whole through with a shape of my brain

I’m a flat, broke, laid off, radio show host with no listeners
it’s the cartoon channel that put me out of business
what is this? – I’m letting Disney ruin the fruit of my labor
fabel animals eat the food of my table
now all I got is a box of Mickey Mouse cereals in the cupboard
cause all of my food checks turn into rubber
expenses’s yet to be covered, I need a plan
to put an end to the toons with vengeance leading my hand
I know the spot, where you faggots’ wallet can fall it
with fat wallets it’s the pay back of an airwave-aholic
let me pack my shit, I’m off to Toonland
to eat the brain from other skulls
and that’ll be done with a spoon in my hand

[Refräng: Obnoxiuz]
all man, we’re stuck in Toonland, what we’re gonna do now
Obnoxiuz and Leo, in an animated world with a mad cow
we came in somehow, so now bring us back home to the real world
where I can get hurt, I’m not obsert
all man, we’re against the Toonland, what we’re gonna do
I feel like a fool, and I’m around here with Winnie the Pooh
it’s not like Disneyland, ‘cause that shit is earth made
it’s like I’m trapped in a videotape, fade ??? ???

I’m finally in Toonland, this time I’m animated in technicolor
but my name won’t be listed, in case you check the cover
looning toons make faces of death
spotting the man behind the pen, realizing who traces the sketch
it’s me, I’m coming after you clowns
blasting you down, inside an acid pool is where your laughter is drowned
one by one, frying your funny bones down the runny foam
you guys melt easy like you was honeycomb
so where’s my money, homes, I need to pay the rent
man, just come out of the circus, don’t make me spray the tent
get flipped upside down, eyes popping out of the sockets
‘til all of your money’s dropping out of your pockets

I came across the street, but he said that he run up to me
punched my face with a boxer glove, I thought it was ?? or Bugs Bunny
it wasn’t funny so I ran to catch him and smack back at him
thought I had him when I found a ??? by his adam
Jerry showing up with a magnum, lasted Thomas in pieces
for no reason, I’m not freaking
I’ve seen this on TV since sheep magazine sends cinema screens
to toons to achieving up the catch for you at last
couldn’t be evening, screaming: don’t stop it, die!
Darkwing Duck comes up in the place, but he can’t get my face
at the same time, Goofy right behind my back, putting my pants in flames
top their escape, so I had top for the food shop
on a reach to rooftop, I kept running so fast I did’nt have room to stop
taller than I thought I felt
2000 feet while curious faces on the street watching my head at the concrete
in my world, I’d be dead by now, still alive
after falling over my eyes in front of back home on my planet where I started



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